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Ruef's Home-Made Sausages
At Ruef's Meat Market, sausage is what we do best.

The following sausages are all smoked and cooked and can be shipped safely


Landjaegers are easily our most popular item. They're often compared to beef jerky but they're so much more! Landjaegers are a dried beef and pork snack sausage. Originally used as a handy take-along source of energy by hikers and back-packers in Switzerland, it's now equally popular for hunting, fishing, or just hanging out and having a beer. They don't need refrigeration so they travel easily and can be shipped without worry. They are also available in a spicy "Hot" version.



Farmerwurst is a coarse ground, heavily smoked old fashioned ring bologna. It's fully cooked so it can be eaten cold, or simply warm it up by simmering it in water (never allow any sausage to boil!) Delicious by itself or served with sauerkraut or vegetables.



Schublig is a traditional Swiss sausage. It's made with select cuts of beef and pork, mixed with our own special blend of spices, non-fat dried milk, and onions, fine ground, and lightly smoked to perfection. Another pre-cooked sausage, it's great on the grill, warmed through, or even eaten cold!



Cervelas (pronounced "ser-va-la") is a real treat for the garlic lover. Often compared to a knockwurst, this fine-ground traditional Swiss sausage has a flavor all its own. It can be eaten cold, or simply warmed through (try it split length-wise and seared on the grill for a great alternative to the usual summer barbecue fare.)



Smoked Pork Brats are the only bratwurst we make here at Ruefs that are safe for shipping. Made with lean pork, coarse ground, and lightly smoked, they make a great addition to any barbecue or tailgate party.

Ring Bologna


SWISS-STYLE METTWURST is thusly named because unlike the more common spreadable German style of Mettwurst, ours is a fully cooked, smoked treat with a firm coarse texture for sausage fans who prefer to have a little something to chew on. Made with pork and beef, this juicy cousin of our Farmerwurst has an ever-so-subtle zip to it - thanks to our own blend of spices, flavorings, and just a hint of garlic.



Ruef's home-made WIENERS are often referred to by some of the old-timers around here by their Swiss name - "Wienerli". It's only fitting because this is no mass- produced, pre-packaged, made from whatever we could throw in-the-vat wiener. Only the finest cuts of beef & pork go into a Ruef's wiener along with our own special blend of spices. The finely chopped ingredients are then stuffed into natural casings and lightly smoked to send your taste buds into flavor overload! Perfect for summer cook-outs, camping, a quick lunch, or an easy dinner. Your kids will love them too - hot or cold



Our Ring Bologna is a delicious "main-course" meat that is easy to prepare. It is fine-ground (as compared to our coarser-ground farmerwurst and mettwurst), and lightly smoked. Made from beef, pork, and our own blend of spices, it is especially delicious served with potatos and veggies.

Ring Bologna


Beef Summer is a "cold meat" - meant to be sliced and eaten as is. It's a great snacking sausage that any cheese and sausage tray would look naked without. We make the Beef Summer Sausage in two varieties. Our traditional MILD version has a very light, delicate flavor. Our newer GARLIC variety offers a stronger, more modern flavor thanks to it's added seasonings, including, as the name implies, a healthy dose of garlic.

beef summer


Hard Summer Sausage is an absolute must when serving cheese and crackers. Like the Landjaegers, hard summer is a "drying" sausage - meaning the rich smokey flavor bursts out more when the sausage is adequately aged (and consequently dried). Made with select cuts of beef and pork, it's equally delicious on a sandwich or as a snack.

hard summer

These sausages are fresh and can NOT be shipped safely


Kalberwurst probably doesn't have the most appealing look you've ever seen in a sausage, but for anyone who grew up in Green County (or Switzerland), it's mild creamy flavor is reason enough to travel back home for a visit! Made with veal and milk, it is one of the few sausages that we don't smoke. Next to Landjaegers, Kalberwurst is our most popular product.



This is the reason God invented tailgating. We make many different kinds of bratwurst at Ruef's Meat Market, but the Kalberwurst Brat is the one that the restaurants, taverns, & brat stand operators around here know will keep them coming back. This little brother of the regular Kalberwurst makes the ultimate "Beer Brat - Just simmer at a low heat for 20-30 minutes in a mixture of beer, water, and onions so they can soak in the extra flavors. Then simply brown them on your grill and serve in a bun topped with onions. I'm getting hungry!


In addition to all our regular sausages,
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